Popping Blackheads - The Proper Way to Popping Blackheads

Published: 15th June 2009
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Popping Blackheads can lead to permanent scarring. If done the wrong way you can also give rise to a swarm of other blackheads. But there is a way to pop blackheads which will not cause any type of scarring or create other blackheads.

Here the safe method for popping blackheads. You need the following items below

warm warm clothclean fingerswatermirror
First you want to open up your pores. This will make it easier to extracting the blackheads. You can do this by steaming the affected area on your face. The best way is to use a wet warm cloth with hot water. Then you will put the warm cloth on your face for a few minutes so that your pores can open up.

Second you will want to applied pressure to the affected area. Before you do this you will need to cleanse thoroughly. Now you are ready to exert pressure. You do not want use your nails just the tip of your fingers. Then you will squeeze gently until the blackhead comes out. If it doesn't comes out then it is not ready. Even if it is stubborn bump do not squeeze too hard. You will just even up scarring your face.

Third you will need use some hot water to cleanse your face. Also you close your pores up you will need to use cold water. When you do you will actually feel your face tighten up a little bit.

Also to prevent future blackheads you need to keep your hands out of your hair. Also cleanse your face daily. At least twice a day.

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